Savoir Faire Eau De Parfum

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Congratulations everyone, we made it through the winter. Let’s throw off our parkas with abandon, take some scissors to those well-worn jeans, and order all of the iced coffee. Also on the to-do list: the seasonal cologne swap. It’s time to switch out your woody, smokey, cabin-y winter scent for something with brighter notes—maybe even some florals.

Our scent pick for this month is a new-comer from creators Mr. Chris Classic and perfumer J.A., Savoir Faire Eau De Parfum ($23-$130 USD). With bold musks of Northern Africa, sandalwood and amber as a base, it allows the unlikely top notes of tomato leaf and leather to flow freshly and smoothly, supported by a heart of labdanum and a hint of oud and orris root.

Think of these scents like the transitional jackets of your fragrance collection: they’ll keep you warm when the temperatures dip, while opening up the promise of warmer weather.

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